Worship Arts

Worship Arts

At New Life Ithaca, worship is the most important thing we do. As such, we place a high value on our worship services and have many opportunities for you to serve. We have all kinds of folks serving in our Worship Arts ministry, including many students. And you don’t have to be a musician or singer to get involved. Read below for more information.


If you have some musical ability, we want you to join our team! We need vocalists and instrumentalists of all types. We currently have pianists, singers, various stringed instrument players, and guitarists, but if you play an instrument and want to join us, we’ll find a way to work you in.

Worship Tech

If you have experience in sound mixing or engineering, we’d love to have you. But if you are a tech enthusiast in general, with a modicum of musical interest, we can train you. We need folks to run the sound board, streaming tech, and video displays.


Do you like to read out-loud to others? Then this ministry may be for you. We have volunteers of all types read scripture and pray in our worship services. This is an easy way even for new folks to get involved at New Life. Jump right in and be a part of our worship team!


Our Holy Communion ministry team includes those who set up the communion elements before service, organize and set up the various cloth paraments and decorations for the Communion table, the pulpit, and the sanctuary, and help serve communion. If you love the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper or have an eye for decorating and want to serve in this ministry, let us know!

To get more information or serve in Worship Arts at New Life Ithaca, contact us.